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Welcome! Strategy Seeker is a robust strategy research, strategy marketplace and auto trading / algo trading system designed for retail traders:
New Strategy Screen
New: Order Strategy Seeker on a private cloud Server with on demand scalability (from 1 to 100 dedicated CPUs) and pay per use.

Shlomo's Blog:


Yes, as promised (and with 2 weeks behind schedule) phase II is just released. If you are a power user with strategies already @ the marketplace, make sure that your paypal account email is specified in your strategyseeker account details (check it at and use Edit to update). This will allow other users to subscribe to your uploaded strategies.

Major update to The Lab!

A new Lab version is released. The new system allows all functions of Back-test, Optimize and Forward test to support Signal OR Trade results.
Also, the results are delivered as two different CSV download file for each test, a performance summary (assuming a $100,000 portfolio capital) and detailed trade list.
Note that now, the Position Size specified in the strategy is used along with the Capital specified as the portfolio.
For example:

Blog is now open for every user

Per your request, its now on!
If you are a registered user (Regular or Power), you may now add blog entries that will be published at our home page, yes, home page along with my blog entries...

All you need to do it to go to and press 'View recent blog entries', now you can post a new blog entry!

BTW, if you add a picture to your account details, it will display in your blog entry, just as mine :-)
Have fun!

New Time calculation functions and advanced strategy sample

Per your request, two new time manipulation functions added:
Date2index( date input ) - Convert date to index. Date input format: "01-Apr-11" (March 1st 2011). Note if day number is smaller than 10 a zero must be added. Return value - day index or -1 (the input date is not a valid trading date or the input date in not in the date range ( for example, selected range is 1Y and the date goes before).

Marketplace :-] is here!!!

Marketplace Phase I is here!
Go to and check interesting strategies statistics and data. The first phase of the market place is released today! It allows registered users to pair a strategy with a universe of symbols, generate graphs and statistics (such as equity curve, max drawdown (MDD), P&L, P&L/MDD, MDD length, wins/even/lost, Average trade P&L etc.) and publish it on the marketplace.

Blog tags:

Customer letter

From time to time, I am getting a feedback letter from customers. Some, pay attention to an annoying bug (please keep doing it, this is the way to improve), some ask for features and others just send their feedback as the example below arrived yesterday. As our mission is to design and provide you with best tools that till now belong only to the largest trading institute, this kind of letters, tells us, that we are in the right direction.

Today now supports Short and Long strategies!

Today is the place to get your daily signals and view/manage your trading and holdings reports. See the new Today's screen and learn how to use it at:

Short Strategies - are here!

Yes, keeping the momentum up, here is the latest arrival: Support for Shortsell() and Bytocover(). You can now add to your long strategies a short section or simply create new short strategies and add them to your existing portfolio. Why? well its like adding steroids to your long strategies at bear time or when the market just move sideways. It's also essential for improved risk management. Speaking of risk management, well this is a good opportunity to remind you that now the VXX, XIV and other bunch of securities-goodies are supported so you can long or short them too.

Universe edit - is improved!

ok, we get it, so many of you asked me to first fix the Universe Edit screen and you know what? - you are right.
So, you are welcome to use the new Universe Edit, and power users can also export and import Universe content to/from CSV file.
please note that the CSV file format requires comma between fields, for example:

-- beginning of file ---
Security list,
-- end of file ---

Sooner than expected: Strategy Wizard is here!

Yes, per your requests, the Strategy Wizard is released. Now you are no longer required to learn our scripting language and instead use a pull down menu items to define a new strategy. Once you are done, just press the Accept and the Wizard will generate the code for you. Yes, compilation success of this code is guaranteed :-)
You may read about it at or just jump into the water and start using it! its available for regular and power user.


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