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Welcome! Strategy Seeker is a robust strategy research, strategy marketplace and auto trading / algo trading system designed for retail traders:
New Strategy Screen
New: Order Strategy Seeker on a private cloud Server with on demand scalability (from 1 to 100 dedicated CPUs) and pay per use.

Shlomo's Blog:

StrategySeeker is now connected to Facebook !

You can now connect your StrategySeeker login details (name and password) with your Facebook login details.
This means that you can simply press the f-connect new button in our home page, and if you are already logged in to Facebook, Strategyseeker will
instantly log you in Strategyseeker account with no additional clicks....

New users can make the registration process a two keystrokes effort using the same f-connect button. Strategyseeker will take the registration information
from Facebook (subjected to user authorization).

Yes: new Video Training is here!

We get so many request for 1:1 training, that we decided to make it available for everyone as Video sessions:

Yes, we will add every day during the next week additional videos to the current 4 sessions:
1. Develop simple strategy using strategy wizard.
2. Using the Charts module for visualizing strategy execution results, etc.
3. Writing complex strategy code - part 1.
4. Writing complex strategy code - part 2.

Develop complex strategy part 2

New marketplace winner and record

It’s getting better and better. Yes, we have a new winner @ our marketplace with 132% profit during last 12 months, a $7,566 MMD (over $100,000 capital), 46% average exposure (average working capital of $46K of $100K) and about $10,000 profit during last 30 days!

Check its statistics here:

Have a great trading day,

Strategy Seeker Team!

Marketplace update, bug fix and improvements

A bug causing some of the trades list to really be signals and not trades was fixed. Now, only trades (for Long and Short strategies) are included. As a result marketplace statistics changed, check it at:

Strategies, Portfolios and Universe lists are now sorted. Yes, a minor step for us a major one for all of you who asked for it. Also, we increase the window size to select names.

Have a great trading day!

Strategy Seeker Team.

Marketplace new display!

Yes, we don’t stop, you ask, and here it is there again: Marketplace strategies now have new graphs (trade map, MDD bars) and widgets (Last balance, Average MDD, Last 30 days…) etc. It far better :-]
Also, our home page is now displaying the marketplace winning strategy statistics, one click and you’re getting detailed strategy performance analysis.
Keep checking the marketplace, it shows interesting results.
Have fun!
Strategy Seeker Team!

successful trading...

Dear fellow users,

Now that the Strategy Seeker blog is open to all of the users I thought I'd be happy to be the first to blog.


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