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Welcome! Strategy Seeker is a robust strategy research, strategy marketplace and auto trading / algo trading system designed for retail traders:
New Strategy Screen
New: Order Strategy Seeker on a private cloud Server with on demand scalability (from 1 to 100 dedicated CPUs) and pay per use.

Shlomo's Blog:

New: Daily Orders email notification service

You can now receive a daily email notification of your Today’s orders and/or your Subscription (subscription to other user’s strategy) orders. To enable it, go to My Account (, and select Edit tab. At the bottom of your profile, you will find a new radio box named ‘TradesNotify’, select it and press save to enable email notifications. That’s it, from now and on (until you uncheck the radio box) you will receive your daily orders mail notification.

New features: Universe’s Symbol Changed Report

Over time, symbols changes names, get canceled (due to merger, liquidation…) etc. Therefore, we need to maintain and update our universes. Strategy Seeker system, maintain a list (constantly updated) of symbol name modifications. In order to use it, a new function ‘Check Symbol’s Validity’ had been added to the Universe Edit screen.

Symbol Screener Sample and Automatic Universe Creation

Yes, it makes sense to create a strategy that will screen symbols and help us to build our target universe.
How, we have opened a new strategy function called: Add2Universe, this function allows to add a symbol to a universe of a specific user.
If universe doesn’t exist, the system will create it and add the symbol.

Check the following strategy sample (located in your public Library, called: “1 Symbol Screener and auto creation of Universe ( -new- )” ) at Screener Sample for details.

New features: Private Graph

Now, that you developed your own Indicator it’s time to display it on your private graph. This is exactly why we added ‘SetGraph’ function. SetGraph gets to parameters: Date and a value. When using it in Chart menu, it will draw your new Private Graph below the usual Symbol Chart.

The following code will calculate SMA(2) and will use SetGraph to display it:

# Calc my SMA2
my $SMA2 = ( Close() + Close(1) ) / 2 ;

# Get today date
my $d = Date();

New features: Private Library and Personal indicators

Do you need to develop your own indicators?
Do you need to use common come in few Strategies? (“Code Reuse”)

Now you can, we added a new Tab to Strategies menu: “Private Library”. You can write strategy code here that can be used by all your strategies. You do it by writing subroutines “sub” and it code, for example:

# My DebugMSG implementation (short name)
sub MSG {
my $str = shift;
DebugMSG( $str );

New important features: Reference Symbol (Channels) and Public Strategy Library

Reference Symbol, allows you to open a channel to additional Symbol within your strategy. Let’s say that you are checking BUY conditions for a specific Symbol (”origin symbol”), and you need to check what AAPL (“Apple”) is doing during the last few days. All you need to do is open AAPL as reference symbol, and now you may add Buy conditions based on analysis of AAPL:

my $security2 = ReferenceSymbol( "AAPL");

1). The good news are that there are no limits to the number of Reference Symbol and you can open, as many as you wish.

Subroutine support in Strategy code

Yes, you can now define your own subroutine (and functions) with your strategy code. This is required when writing complex strategies in a logic and simple way.
Also, it is required when there is a need to reuse existing code in different strategies.

So how we do it?

Very simple, as any Perl code (yes, Strategy Seeker’s script language is in fact Perl :-) ) we use the “sub” keyword, for example:

sub GetMyName(){
$str = “John Smith”;
return $str;

Easy To Borrow List – was never so easy!

Many of us uses Long and Short strategies. Unfortunately, many of the securities within our 9000 securities, are not in the broker ( our default automation is: Tradestation) Easy To Borrow list ( E2B ). As a result, Sellshort orders of security which are not in E2B, requires to call the help desk to execute. This is not in line with our Auto Trading vision, and therefore we added the concept of E2B.

We have a ‘Beat The Seeker’s Strategy’ contest winner!

We would like to thank everyone that participate in the ‘Beat The Seeker’s Strategy’ contest and to congratulate our winner Ori.Z who won the $2500 cash prize. Yes, Mr. Ori Zolberg won $2500 by meeting our contest T&C. His Strategy ‘B.RSI_S.SMA’ runs with his defined Universe ( 34 securities ) ‘HI_VOL’ with an impressive 12 months P&L of * 112.86% *, MDD as low as 3.11% and remarkable average exposure of 43%. If you invest $100,000 in his strategy on October 2012, you would have now $212,860.00 in your broker account :]

Beat the Seeker's Strategy contest: We have a winner!

Yes, one of you beat the Seeker's Strategy @ the Marketplace :] Expect details soon....


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