Signals and trades

"Your numbers on home page looks good, but what is it? is this your trades list?" - well not exactly. These are signals. Signals, are generated by a strategy (you currently see the signals generated by my personal strategy) whenever a Buy or Sell criteria are met. I am not publishing my strategy, so you cannot see my rules for Buys and Sells, however, I do share my signals with the viewers. (* Please review my disclaimer below *): For example, on my November 14, 2011 Today's signals: "ATVI buy at $12.58" and "MDAS buy at $11.03". These are few of my signals for tomorrow November 14, 2011. It means that I will enter these orders in my trading tool, but it doesn't mean that it will happen. Only if the value of ATVI will open below or equal $12.59 or will reach this level during market hours, my signal will become a trade. Same for exit: one of my exit signals for tomorrow is: "KLAC sell $48.45". In this example my strategy is trying to sell KLAC at the Friday's close value. If I enter a "Sall at market value" order, the signal will become a trade with a value of tomorrow's open value.

So, now your next question may be: "ok, so show us your trading list and not signal list"... I will, very soon, I am working on it. Soon you will be able to see my trades list and my trade statistics. I will keep providing my daily signals so anyone who wish, can follow my signals after reviewing my trade statistics.

Will I keep my statistics always online. I am not sure. My goal is to let other better traders and strategy writers, to write their own strategies and decide on how they want to share it with others. Currently, the system allow every one that write a strategy to share it with others. Sharing is done under two types of permissions: "use" and "edit". Use - means that the strategy owner grant a use only permissions: allowing the user to use the strategy within a portfolio, back test, check statistics and issue signals but cannot modify or view its content. Edit permissions, allow the user to do that too.

Disclaimer: Shlomo Touboul, Strategy Seeker and Runway LTD. each alone and together (the “SSK Group”") are not an investment adviser or broker-dealer or advising investment advisory service, nor an entity that recommends which securities customers should buy or sell for themselves. The SSK Group, and all affiliates of the SSK Group assume no responsibility or liability for your trading and investment results. You understand and acknowledge that there is a very high degree of risk involved in trading securities and that all simulated results may be faulty or not accurate. Also back testing and past results of any portfolio/startegy/universe are not indicative of future returns and there may be severe losses due to trades based on such simulations, back test or and other signal generated from the system.

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