New features: Universe’s Symbol Changed Report

Over time, symbols changes names, get canceled (due to merger, liquidation…) etc. Therefore, we need to maintain and update our universes. Strategy Seeker system, maintain a list (constantly updated) of symbol name modifications. In order to use it, a new function ‘Check Symbol’s Validity’ had been added to the Universe Edit screen.

Select an existing universe, scroll down to the bottom of the universe and press the new ‘Check Symbol’s Validity’ button. The system will check every symbol of your universe and will generate a report with all symbols that had been canceled, or change their name.

Now, it is recommended to modify the universe (delete canceled and changed symbols, and add the new symbol names) so it will be used properly.

As always, let us know if new feature is needed or you encountered a bug (god forbid!)

Have a great trading day!
Strategy Seeker Team.

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