New features: Private Library and Personal indicators

Do you need to develop your own indicators?
Do you need to use common come in few Strategies? (“Code Reuse”)

Now you can, we added a new Tab to Strategies menu: “Private Library”. You can write strategy code here that can be used by all your strategies. You do it by writing subroutines “sub” and it code, for example:

# My DebugMSG implementation (short name)
sub MSG {
my $str = shift;
DebugMSG( $str );

You can also develop your own indicators, for example, the mySMA below, receive array of Close values and number of days to calculate Simple Moving Average. This personal indicator returns that moving average value:

# Private indicator: mySMA
# This sub gets an array of Close values, numbers of days and return the SMA of today.
sub mySMA{
my $array_ref = shift;
my $days = shift;
my $ret = 0 ;
for( my $i = 0 ; $i $ret += $$array_ref[ $i ] ; # apply $$ to obtain the array itself and address specific element inside
return $ret / $days ;

Check our Public Strategy Library for a complete sample of both Private Library and Sample strategy that is using mySMA and other sub defined in the private library here:

Stay tuned for additional features.

Meanwhile, enjoy the new functionality and develop even improved strategies.

Have a great trading day,

Strategy Seeker team!

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