New important features: Reference Symbol (Channels) and Public Strategy Library

Reference Symbol, allows you to open a channel to additional Symbol within your strategy. Let’s say that you are checking BUY conditions for a specific Symbol (”origin symbol”), and you need to check what AAPL (“Apple”) is doing during the last few days. All you need to do is open AAPL as reference symbol, and now you may add Buy conditions based on analysis of AAPL:

my $security2 = ReferenceSymbol( "AAPL");

1). The good news are that there are no limits to the number of Reference Symbol and you can open, as many as you wish.

2). The great news are that you may apply Technical Indicators on a Reference Symbol, for example, you would like to compare the RSI(14) of your current tested Symbol, with the RSI(14) of MSFT (”Microsoft”) :

If ( RSI( 2 ) > RSI( $security2 , 2) ) {


or ADX( 5 , 1 ) (ADX with parameter 5 of 1 day before) to ADX( 5 , 2 ) of MSFT ( of 2 days ago):

my $security3 = ReferenceSymbol( "MSFT");
If ( ADX( 5 , 1 ) > ADX( $security3 , 5 , 1 ) ) {


3). Additional good news: we have added a public strategy library. Note a new Tab in Strategies menu, called “Public Strategy Library”. You may find there many sample strategies with reference code to many of the existing and new functions.

And, yes, we intent to add more strategies over time, and if you would like to share with us some of yours, let us know and we will be happy to post your sample in the public library.

Meanwhile, enjoy the new functionality and develop even improved strategies.

Have a great trading day,

Strategy Seeker team!

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