Easy To Borrow List – was never so easy!

Many of us uses Long and Short strategies. Unfortunately, many of the securities within our 9000 securities, are not in the broker ( our default automation is: Tradestation) Easy To Borrow list ( E2B ). As a result, Sellshort orders of security which are not in E2B, requires to call the help desk to execute. This is not in line with our Auto Trading vision, and therefore we added the concept of E2B. A new ‘Enforce E2B’ option was added to Edit Universe menu. Click on this button and the system will check all your universe securities against our E2B list (currently from Tradestation). The securities from your universe which are also easy to borrow (from E2B list) will be added to a new universe, called _E2B. For example, edit your ‘My_Universe ‘ universe and click ‘Enforce E2B’. A new universe name ‘My_Universe_E2B’ will be created. No, you can use this new universe with your Lab testing or Marketplace calculations. Want to do even better: after uploading a strategy and your new E2B universe to the marketplace (may be your marketplace public marketplace), go to Lab menu -> Marketplace test and select the symbols that has negative contribution to your strategy (it’s simple, they are all colored red  ). Now remove these securities from your universe, and now your new E2B universe got stronger and assures trading with only easy to borrow securities. Love it! Have a great trading day, Strategy Seeker team.
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