What is Strategy, Portfolio and Universe?

A Strategy is a collection of rules that defines the conditions to Buy or Sell a specific security (stock). StrategySeeker, comes with a simple script language to defines these rules. The rules are set using logical conditions (AND, OR...), logical expressions ($a > $b, $d > 10) and values returned by functions that represents a security value (Open, Close, High, Low, Volume) or Technical indicator (for example RSI(2), ADX(14), etc.).

A Portfolio is a collection of Strategies. You can add different type of strategies to a single Portfolio acting as a team of players, where each player has a designated role: a strategy for long-momentum stock, strategy for short trades, strategy that is successful in high volatility markets, etc. The diversity of the strategies within a single portfolio, makes it very powerful and rewarding over different period of markets. A portfolio also include a definition of initial capital, total amount in US$ allocated to trade by all strategies. The allocation per strategy is implemented by the "Strategy Allocation" definition within Add or Edit strategy screen.

A Universe is a collection of securities (stocks). You can create different universes, such as all the technology companies from Nasdaq and NYSE, selected Banks or financial institutes over different exchanges, etc.

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