Update Trade Record

Why do I need to update trade record? One day you may miss an Accept Trade operation (see http://www.strategyseeker.com/howto/todaywork) or the system enters a wrong Price/Date value to a trade that changes your reports result.

Enter Trade Edit screen by pressing on the Symbol name in the Signal History Report Tab.

The following screen will be displayed:

Todays Screen

Note two sections of a trade record:
Section 1: Signal data : this section record the signal data as produced by the system. The order Price/Date/Units parameters are generated by Today’s menu at run or Rerun time. These values may change during execution.
Section 2: Trade execution data: this section records the trading data. For example, if the Buy signal has a limit of $10.00 and the symbol open with a low of $9.56 , the system will set the Buy execution data to $9.56 which is expected if you enter your order before the market open. Similarly, a Sellshort will have the High value. For a Sell or Buytocover orders, the system will set the Sell or Buytocover price to the next day's Open.

Now, you may change the Trade data in section 1 and 2 (the system will calculate the Amount, and PNL sections, don’t bother to update here) and press Save.

Note, that you cannot change the Signal status. Also you can’t add new trades.

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