How Today's works?

Today is the place to get your daily signals and view/manage your trading and holdings reports. You need to first ‘pair’ a Portfolio and Universe. This may be as simple as a portfolio of one strategy and a universe of one symbol or getting much more complicated as a portfolio of multiple strategies (some long, some short and some mix) and a universe of many symbols (selected from one or more exchanges, one or more industries and sectors, etc.).

Once you pair the portfolio and universe (select their names in the upper right corner of Today’s screen, and press Select) you are set. The system will execute the portfolio’s strategies every day at 04:00 AM (UTC/GMT time) against all the symbols within your selected universe. At any given time you may request the system to execute again by pressing the Rerun button.

The list of today’s trades will be under ‘Today Trade list:” - #1 in the screen below:

Todays Screen

This list shows the orders you need to put in your trading system (in the future a trading automation will be presented and the system will be able to submit these orders directly into your broker account. List of supported brokers will be published at that time). Any Buy/Sellshort order must be entered before market opens (with Limit or without based on the trade). Any Sell/Buytocover order must be entered before the market open and should be set to execute 1 minute after trade open at Market price. This should be done by entering the order in your broker system with a trigger to happened at 9:31:00 PM (for example for the US market) and at Market value.

After you must press the Accept orders button below. This will add your trades into the trade database. If you do not Accept trades every day, Strategyseeker system will not be able to provide you with correct holdings and trade/signal history reports (in the Tabs near number 4 in the above image).

When you press Accept Trades, the system check every signal and update its status or values as follows (you my check signal status in the Signal History Report Tab):

  • New order: a new order that is entered today will be added with Signal Pending status. The system do not know yet if the order was completed successfully and will check it only when you Accept Trades in the following day. A Buy (long order) is successful if the buy price is greater than the Low value of that day (the system expect you to enter the orders before market open and therefore assume that any order greater than Low will happen). A Sellshort order is successful if the Sell price is lower than the High of that day. Again, in tomorrows Accept Trades time, the system will have today’s trade Open,Low,High and Close values and will be able to compute this and update the records.
  • Signal Pending: The system will check the last day value and will compute the actual trade as explained above. If Buy trade is higher than Low, the Signal Status will change to Trade open status, otherwise, it will be Signal Closed and will never become a trade. Similar change will execute for Sellshort signal.
  • Trade Open: This Trade is listed in Holdings Report Tab with all other Open Trades. The system will check if the trade close data has arrived: for Buy (Long) it will check if Sell data arrived. This will happened when a Sell Long order was accepted. In such case, the system will update the sell execution data (Price, Date and Amount) and will change the trade status to close. From now on, this trade will be listed in the Trade History Report Tab.

Additional information about the Portfolio may be found near number 2 in the image above. Such information includes User name, portfolio name, Last Rerun time, Capital and max exposure. Max exposure number is the maximum $ amount of Holdings. The system will issue new trades only when the Holdings are below max exposure and by these, assure that the user will never expose more cash than he defines in the max exposure value. You may understand that this limit of exposure is not exact and it may be exceeded by position size.

Below the portfolio information you may find the strategy information (if multiple strategies are included in the portfolio all will be listed). This includes Strategy name (it’s a direct link to the strategy so you may click and jump in from here) Position size (in % from the portfolio capital) Max positions (how many positions are allowed simultaneously) and Position slot which is the $ amount for each position, calculate as position size multiple portfolio capital.

Remember, you must press the Accept Trades everyday in order to have the system producing correct data of Signal history, Trade history and Holdings reports.

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