Sample Strategy: 3 Days Down

The following sample startegy will issue a Buy if:

  1. Close is greater than SMA(200).
  2. The Symbol value goes down 3 days in a row.


  • Using Close(1) means the Close of yesterday, Close(2), the Close of two days ago, etc.
  • Adding a string variable inside the Buy or Sell, will send this string to print when we issue a trade report.
  • Use "." to connect two strings, in the sample below: we connect : " SMA200=" string with the SMA(200) value so this will print in the report: SMA200=45.65.
  • You may pasted the code below and paste it within a new strategy:

    # My Buy conditions:

    if (MP() == 0 and
    Close() > SMA(200) and
    Close() < Close(1) and
    Close(1) < Close(2) and
    Close(2) < Close(3) ) {
    Buy( " SMA200=".SMA(200) );

    # My Sell conditions
    elsif ( MP() == 1 and
    Close() > SMA(5) ) {

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