Marketplace files description

The following describes ZIP file content for marketplace download zip file ( here ).

Use the following convention:

RRR - User ID SSS - Strategy ID UUU - universe ID

Marketplace zip file name: example:

The Marketplace strategy files included in the download zip file:

File name description
user2_SID_6543_UNI_3480_portfolio_universe_for_trades.csv All trades
user2_SID_6543_UNI_3480_portfolio_universe_sort.csv All trades sorted by entry date
user2_SID_6543_UNI_3480_portfolio_universe_orders.csv All orders sorted by entry date
user2_SID_6543_UNI_3480_portfolio_universe_overflowtrades.csv All overflow trades (trades that could not be purchased due to budget limitations (max position etc.)
user2_SID_6543_UNI_3480_portfolio_universe_holdings.csv Positions/holdings per day
user2_SID_6543_UNI_3480_portfolio_universe_for_opens.csv End of period possible open positions
user2_SID_6543_UNI_3480_portfolio_universe_exposure.csv Exposure calculations
user2_SID_6543_UNI_3480_portfolio_universe_clean.csv All trades except overflow trades
user2_SID_6543_UNI_3480_portfolio_universe_balance.csv holdings, cash and balance per date
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