Marketplace Phase I is released!

Marketplace Phase I is here!
Go to and check interesting strategies statistics and data. The first phase of the market place is released today! It allows registered users to pair a strategy with a universe of symbols, generate graphs and statistics (such as equity curve, max drawdown (MDD), P&L, P&L/MDD, MDD length, wins/even/lost, Average trade P&L etc.) and publish it on the marketplace.

Marketplace Phase 1

Other users can now check these strategies and get ready to phase II. In Phase II (within a week) users will be able to subscribes to other users strategies and receive every day the signals generated by this strategy. Yes, why not join the Wizards of strategy seeker and let them build and optimize our strategies. After you can subscribe to their best strategies and get your daily signals. At any time, user will be able to stop a subscription and subscribe to a different strategy, probably the new one that performs best.

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