Our Free Stock Charts system is provided for Stock analysis and research by any viewer of this site. It supports stocks, ETFs and Indexes as well as some interesting technical indicators. For registered users, its also provided for strategy back-testing 1,2 and 5 years and issuing trading and performance reports.
Select Main Menu->Charts.
Select a Security (if nothing is mentioned SPY will be default), you may specify the first letters and the system will propose different securities starting these letters from *all* Supported Exchanges.
Select time frame, Settings (select Chart Type: Candlestick, OHLC or Line), select Indicator (note that this list of indicator does not include all the Supported Indicators and Press the Search button:

IMPORTANT: you must click the Search Button each time after making a new selection of security, time frame, Chart type, Indicator and specially selecting a new portfolio to recalculate the Chart!

Chart Screen

Back-testing a strategy
You first need to define a strategy (or strategies), and assign the to a specific Portfolio. It is recommended to allocate capital to the portfolio so reports will be more meaningful.

Select the security as above, select at least 1Year (back-testing cannot run on shorter period) select a portfolio and press the Search button:

Chart Screen
The Chart will note each transaction (Buy-Sell transaction generated by a strategy) with a small G letter in a box. Setting the mouse on the G letter will open a tool tip with the transaction details such as: name of generating strategy, date for Buy and Close this date, Date of Sell and Close for this date, P&L (Profit and Loss) for this transaction in points and %. Also, the Date of the Buy will be market with a Red arrow pointing up and the sell will be marked with a green arrow pointing down with a dashed line connecting. Note that if there are many transactions due to many strategies, the arrows and the dashed line may be missing due to a limitation of the graphics library. This will be fixed in the future.

New report tabs will be presented on the top of the Chart:

Transaction report tab
This transaction report, displays all the transactions and their statistics (P&L, Wins, etc.). If you write a text or string as a parameter to the Buy() command within the strategy, this parameter will show in the field "comment" here.
Performance report tab
This performance report summary the performance of each transaction so it can be compared. Note that every strategy has a link to its definition (click on the strategy name).

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