Backtest strategy

Use the Charts menu to backtest strategies. Define a portfolio (may include one or more strategies) and go to Main menu-> Charts.
In the upper field, select symbol (you may enter the first letters of the symbol and the system will propose up to 10 possible symbols below, to select from, or complete typing the symbol).
Select time range: 1Y - for a year up yo 5Y to 5 years. (back test up to 10 years is possible within the strategy optimizer).
Select Portfolio pull down menu and choose a portfolio to test. Now, press the Search icon, right to the selected symbol.
A new chart will be generated including marks for Buy and Sell signals.
Read more on Charts, backtesting and performance reports here.
Important: after any change you do in the Charts parameters, such as selecting a new symbol, changing the time range, adding indicator or changing portfolio selection you must press again on the search icon, to regenerate the Chart and the backtest results.

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