Define a Universe

A Universe is a collection of securities (stocks) from single or multiple exchanges.

Defining a new universe, includes a universe name, selecting security names using the multiple fields filter and Save.

How to select the security list:

  • Set a universe name (see 1 in the picture below).
  • Select a filter criteria (2): Symbol, ID, Exchange, etc.
  • For each criteria, select (using pull down option) condition from: Any, Contains, is less than, is equal to, etc.
  • For each select criteria values: this may be a valid field content, for example. if you Choose criteria 'Exchange', criteria condition 'Contains' you may specify 'NASDAQ' to show all securities from Nasdaq (please note the capital letter).
  • You may see values in the companies table below.
  • You may select multiple criteria and conditions, the system will 'AND' them.
  • Press Filter (3) - this will show only securities (companies) defined by the selection criteria.

Add Universe

By now, you only set the securities shown on screen, in order to select the securities to be saved to the Universe, you need to select each line (by pressing the radio box at the begging of each row). You may also press the header row radio box to select all (6), or select one and press at the bottom of the page 'Reverse Selection' so that all rows except this one, will be selected.

Now, you need to press the 'Select' button (4), so that this list will be saved to a buffer (yet, not to the universe).

You may continue and change the Filter criteria to display additional securities, mark them via the radio box and press Select to add them to the buffer.

Once you are done adding more securities, press Save (5), this will save the buffer content in the universe.

At any given time you may press 'Unselect All' to clear the buffer and start from fresh buffer.

After saving the universe, you may select it again and edit its security list. This can be done by adding or deleting symbols, or, if you are Power user, you may import or export security list. You may create an empty universe, and import a security list from a CSV file. The CSV file is a column of security symbols. You may export one of your universes into a CSV file and check the structure. You may also use EXCEL spreadsheet with a single column, where each row is security symbol only.

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