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From Main menu select Strategies->Add Strategy, the following screen will display:
Add Strategy Screen

Complete the following details:

New Strategy Screen

1. You can write the strategy script inside "Strategy Code" window, alternatively you can copy a strategy code form another strategy or sample and paste inside the new strategy code.
2. Strategy Allocation: number in % of the maximum allocation from the entire portfolio. For example, a portfolio of US$ 100,000 will invest up to US$25,000 if you specify 25% Strategy Allocation. The reminder US$ 75,000 will be saved for other strategies in the portfolio.
3. Max Positions - yet not in used. Will be used for position sizing in future versions.
4. Exit Type - market - sell at today's trade begging at a market price. Limit - sell at today's trade begging at a Limit signal with "Further Intra-day pullbacks" discount, for example: if Further Intra-day pullbacks is 5% and the stock trade at $100, issue a Limit Sell at $95.

Press Save to save the new Strategy.

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