Blog: March 2013

New features: Private Graph

Now, that you developed your own Indicator it’s time to display it on your private graph. This is exactly why we added ‘SetGraph’ function. SetGraph gets to parameters: Date and a value. When using it in Chart menu, it will draw your new Private Graph below the usual Symbol Chart.

The following code will calculate SMA(2) and will use SetGraph to display it:

# Calc my SMA2
my $SMA2 = ( Close() + Close(1) ) / 2 ;

# Get today date
my $d = Date();

New features: Private Library and Personal indicators

Do you need to develop your own indicators?
Do you need to use common come in few Strategies? (“Code Reuse”)

Now you can, we added a new Tab to Strategies menu: “Private Library”. You can write strategy code here that can be used by all your strategies. You do it by writing subroutines “sub” and it code, for example:

# My DebugMSG implementation (short name)
sub MSG {
my $str = shift;
DebugMSG( $str );

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