Blog: October 2012

We have a ‘Beat The Seeker’s Strategy’ contest winner!

We would like to thank everyone that participate in the ‘Beat The Seeker’s Strategy’ contest and to congratulate our winner Ori.Z who won the $2500 cash prize. Yes, Mr. Ori Zolberg won $2500 by meeting our contest T&C. His Strategy ‘B.RSI_S.SMA’ runs with his defined Universe ( 34 securities ) ‘HI_VOL’ with an impressive 12 months P&L of * 112.86% *, MDD as low as 3.11% and remarkable average exposure of 43%. If you invest $100,000 in his strategy on October 2012, you would have now $212,860.00 in your broker account :]

Beat the Seeker's Strategy contest: We have a winner!

Yes, one of you beat the Seeker's Strategy @ the Marketplace :] Expect details soon....

New: Auto Trade using Tradestation account!

Yes! you can now connect Strategy Seeker to your Tradestation account. This means that you do not need any more to enter your daily orders manually at your Tradestation desktop software, simply tell StrategySeeker to send it with 1 Click!

If you have not yet setup your Tradestation account, please contact us and we will be able to connect you with the appropriate Tradestation contact.

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