Blog: March 2012

Major update to The Lab!

A new Lab version is released. The new system allows all functions of Back-test, Optimize and Forward test to support Signal OR Trade results.
Also, the results are delivered as two different CSV download file for each test, a performance summary (assuming a $100,000 portfolio capital) and detailed trade list.
Note that now, the Position Size specified in the strategy is used along with the Capital specified as the portfolio.
For example:

New Time calculation functions and advanced strategy sample

Per your request, two new time manipulation functions added:
Date2index( date input ) - Convert date to index. Date input format: "01-Apr-11" (March 1st 2011). Note if day number is smaller than 10 a zero must be added. Return value - day index or -1 (the input date is not a valid trading date or the input date in not in the date range ( for example, selected range is 1Y and the date goes before).

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