Blog: February 2012

Marketplace :-] is here!!!

Marketplace Phase I is here!
Go to and check interesting strategies statistics and data. The first phase of the market place is released today! It allows registered users to pair a strategy with a universe of symbols, generate graphs and statistics (such as equity curve, max drawdown (MDD), P&L, P&L/MDD, MDD length, wins/even/lost, Average trade P&L etc.) and publish it on the marketplace.

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Customer letter

From time to time, I am getting a feedback letter from customers. Some, pay attention to an annoying bug (please keep doing it, this is the way to improve), some ask for features and others just send their feedback as the example below arrived yesterday. As our mission is to design and provide you with best tools that till now belong only to the largest trading institute, this kind of letters, tells us, that we are in the right direction.

Today now supports Short and Long strategies!

Today is the place to get your daily signals and view/manage your trading and holdings reports. See the new Today's screen and learn how to use it at:

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