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Subroutine support in Strategy code

Yes, you can now define your own subroutine (and functions) with your strategy code. This is required when writing complex strategies in a logic and simple way.
Also, it is required when there is a need to reuse existing code in different strategies.

So how we do it?

Very simple, as any Perl code (yes, Strategy Seeker’s script language is in fact Perl :-) ) we use the “sub” keyword, for example:

sub GetMyName(){
$str = “John Smith”;
return $str;

Easy To Borrow List – was never so easy!

Many of us uses Long and Short strategies. Unfortunately, many of the securities within our 9000 securities, are not in the broker ( our default automation is: Tradestation) Easy To Borrow list ( E2B ). As a result, Sellshort orders of security which are not in E2B, requires to call the help desk to execute. This is not in line with our Auto Trading vision, and therefore we added the concept of E2B.

We have a ‘Beat The Seeker’s Strategy’ contest winner!

We would like to thank everyone that participate in the ‘Beat The Seeker’s Strategy’ contest and to congratulate our winner Ori.Z who won the $2500 cash prize. Yes, Mr. Ori Zolberg won $2500 by meeting our contest T&C. His Strategy ‘B.RSI_S.SMA’ runs with his defined Universe ( 34 securities ) ‘HI_VOL’ with an impressive 12 months P&L of * 112.86% *, MDD as low as 3.11% and remarkable average exposure of 43%. If you invest $100,000 in his strategy on October 2012, you would have now $212,860.00 in your broker account :]

Beat the Seeker's Strategy contest: We have a winner!

Yes, one of you beat the Seeker's Strategy @ the Marketplace :] Expect details soon....

New: Auto Trade using Tradestation account!

Yes! you can now connect Strategy Seeker to your Tradestation account. This means that you do not need any more to enter your daily orders manually at your Tradestation desktop software, simply tell StrategySeeker to send it with 1 Click!

If you have not yet setup your Tradestation account, please contact us and we will be able to connect you with the appropriate Tradestation contact.

New Strategy editor with syntax highlight and 1 Click Portfolio

Our new Strategy Editor allows syntax highlight. This means that different script command, comment, variables etc. will be colored differently. This is a big help in writing complex strategy scripts and a big time saver.

Note: its best used with Mozilla and Chrome. Avoid using it with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Also, click the paint brash to allow syntax highlight. The default is off.

Just released: A major update to our Strategy Development platform:

Wow, so much news in a single update! Yes, as you are asking for more functions (your strategies get smarter… and for more debug tools…) we have upgrade the system.
Here are some of the news:

(1) Debug: a new Debug tab is now available within the Chart module. In this tab you may find an option to view strategy debug message file content (just click on it). You may produce Debug messages within your strategy at any location by using:
DebugMSG( STRING ) ;

Universe optimization was never so easy!

New marketplace report or:
Want to know which strategies do badly – so you can take them out of your universe?

A new Marketplace report is added to our lab. Just select one of your marketplace strategies, click Generate report and you’ll get a detailed report on the profit contribution of every symbol of your universe. This is a great tool to quickly find your best and worst performing symbols.

Have a great trading day!
Strategy Seeker team.

Subscription capital change is now supported.

Today and strategy subscription modules update is released. Until now, subscribing to a marketplace strategy allowed a fixed working capital of $100,000. The new update allows to define any capital value for a subscribed strategy. To define a new capital value: go to main menu->Today->Subscription->Change subscription capital.

The position size will be relative to the new capital. For example, if the new capital is $200,000 and the strategy position size (as defined by the strategy owner) is 2%, each position will be $4,000.

Support for MCD, MFI and Parabolic SAR is delivered.

You ask, we do again!
Per your request we now support MACD, MFI and Parabolic SAR indicators. Below you may find a (working) sample strategy that use them all. You can copy the strategy and paste in your strategy... and don't forget to keep asking for new features and support for additional indicators.

Have a great trading day,


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