Blog: November 2011

Where to start?

Many new users joined today the beta program (yes, due to the article at The Marker), welcome. Few asked me, 'where do I start?' and 'what is the strategy development language being used here?'

Are these the same signals?

A question from a close friend this morning, made me aware that putting the 'naked' signals on the home page, is not a self explanatory :-)
So, first what are the signals on the home page?

Position sizing is here!

Sooner than expected, I have added position sizing. Where can you find it? first steps go to strategy and check the following fields:

Position sizing

What Does Position Sizing Mean? by Investopedia its:'The dollar value being invested into a particular security by an investor.' Behind this simple definition, there are zillion discussions, researches and theories, seeking and arguing the best position sizing method. The goal of position sizing, is risk management. Is being able to determine how much risk we set in a specific symbol trade, and what is our exposure to volatility, black swan and other undesired market conditions.

Welcome power User.

A new type of user was born! a power user. The different between power user and regular user (both must be registered users in the system) is that power user can run optimization of portfolio (a collection of strategies) over a universe (a collection of symbols). Regular user can run optimization of a single strategy over a single symbol at a time.

Signals out, trades in!

As promised, I replaced the home's page signal list (right corner)with the actual trade list. A signal is a Buy or Sell order, issued automatically by the strategy in use. However, not every signal turns to a Trade. The strategy may issue a signal to buy a symbol at a lower cost than the low of that day. In such case, the signal will not become a trade and will expire. Therefore, I am publishing now my trade list, starting on October 6th 2011. once you will open an account and will use the Today function, your trade list will be showing too.
Have great tradings,

Signals and trades

"Your numbers on home page looks good, but what is it? is this your trades list?" - well not exactly. These are signals. Signals, are generated by a strategy (you currently see the signals generated by my personal strategy) whenever a Buy or Sell criteria are met. I am not publishing my strategy, so you cannot see my rules for Buys and Sells, however, I do share my signals with the viewers. (* Please review my disclaimer below *): For example, on my November 14, 2011 Today's signals: "ATVI buy at $12.58" and "MDAS buy at $11.03".

Engines and GUI

Some of you (with 'chuzpe') keep asking me, "why is the GUI so poor?", "its 2011, you must have modern GUI otherwise, you look outdated ...".
Well, the answer is very simple: the focus is in the engine! The engine is the one that will help you finding the optimized strategy, and benefit from profitable signal and trading. Yes, the GUI is very important and it must be simple, but is not meant to be attraction by itself! I want the numbers to speak for themselves!

Welcome to Strategy Seeker!

My name is Shlomo Touboul and I am the creator of After founding few start-ups in the domain of information security and network management, I decided to create and develop this service addressing the needs of the retail trader.

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